Nuxtwind Daisy

Nuxtwind Daisy is a starter template project for Nuxt.js 3 + Tailwind CSS + Daisy UI with additional installed setup for custom font, icons, animation, and more.


Create beautiful and fast websites without worrying about the tedious setup. Just fork this repository and start hacking away!

Getting Started

Read the documentation on how to start quickly.


See what you can do below. Basically, every basic thing that you need is already included in this starter template project. From custom font, icons, animations, and more.

Icons by Line Awesome

Get more icons from the Line Awesome documentation.

and more...

Animation by AOS.js

Check AOS.js documentation for more animations.

UI Components by Daisy UI 🌼 version 3

Learn more from the official daisyUI documentation.



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And more components...

Visit the official Daisy UI documentation.